Ötzi Zwei (2018)
Plaster, shellack, ink.
Part of the group show Uttran.


In the northern hemisphere the face of the winter is conditioned by extremely cold temperatures and only sparse presence of light. UTTRAN was an exhibition which gathered 25 artists to exhibit on a frozen lake about 30 kilometres south of Stockholm.

When a lake freezes, the scenery changes and a formerly inaccessible part of the landscape hardens, transforming into a surface of public domain. The calm waves of the summer lake turn into a busy and highly frequented icescape. During the day ice skaters move their twirling and cruising bodies while the silence of the night let’s you hear the long resonating cries of the ice.

Oh you quiet soul,
At times deep and absorbing,
Let us rest on your frozen tongue for once,
and in sweet bitterness,
forget your solitude, beget the multitude,
a carving, cruising gesture,
Hold us with all our dreams and fears,
we are accustomed to cracks

Organized by Tora Schultz Larsen, Maiken Buus Andersen, Christian Aagaard Ovesen & Emilie Palmelund.