The gods have granted me sight (2020)

Two-channel Hi8 video. Stereo sound, 10:00.

A ray of sun hits the face of the AI-droid HAT-P-13 for the first time in decades. Its solar panels suddenly power up its energy core. Looking through night vision mode, HAT-P-13 is possible to navigate in the environment. Forgotten in an ancient building complex, HAT-P-13 seeks its way out. Outside the AI picks up a transmission signal from a corrupted grindr-file that seems to be caught in a loop. Following the signal if finds the source - an old device for gay dating accompained by exoskeletons in strange positions. 

The gods have granted me sight is a series of work using AI-deep learning programmes. The text is produced by suggesting different input words where the AI proceed with the most logic continuation.

Script: Erik Thörnqvist
Robot HTP-341: Fan Wu
Voiceover: Fan Wu
Chinese translations: Fan Wu
Camera/editing: Erik Thörnqvist

Thanks to:
Fan Wu, Björn Elgerd, Sophie Vukovic, Philip Dufva, Tove Möller & Norrbottens resurscentrum för konst.