List of works:

Vaseline Vision, 2023
Archival pigment print
150 x 110 cm

Finook, 2023
Plaster, acrylics, lacquer

Standmaschine I, 2023
Steel, birch
220 x 80 x 40 cm

Eau My Finocchio, 2023
Fennel-infused fragrance


with Amin Zouiten, Erik Thörnqvist, Sahar Alkhateeb, Therese Bülow
Dec 1, 2023–Jan 21, 2024*

I SAW IT WITH MY OWN HANDS is a group exhibition that insists on transcending linguistic confines to explore the depths of human interiority. Emerging from a slippage of mumbled, nonsensical language, it provokes a fundamental inquiry: What unfolds when language falls short in articulating our innermost thoughts and emotions?

The exhibition presents an eclectic range of mediums—sculpture, video, installation, sound, scent—venturing into the concealed facets of our interior worlds. It encourages contemplation on existentialism through artistic interpretation.

Inspired by Teju Cole’s profound insights in Known and Strange Things: Essays, I SAW IT WITH MY OWN HANDS explores the concept of internal weather, emphasising the perpetual dialogue between our internal realms and materiality. In parallel with Jean-Paul Sartre’s monumental work, Being and Nothingness, it venerates the profound artistic freedom entwined with the inner self.

Through Therese Bülow’s transformative sculptures that challenge the living/non-living dichotomy and Sahar Alkhateeb’s site-specific installation, blending malleability with a desire for both stillness and motion, the exhibition cultivates captivating tension within its artistic expression. Amin Zouiten’s introspective video and sound installations probe reality’s distortion, urging contemplation on perception, while Erik Thörnqvist’s abstract works deconstruct foundational concepts of the European modern project.

Each artist’s unique expression invites viewers to reimagine boundaries, perception, and physicality through a visceral and embodied experience.

Curator: Tawanda Appiah
Photographer: Lena Bergendahl