Sampo (2019) Hyper-terrestrial

Parts of the body of work Sampo in the group show Hyper-terrestrial.
4K-video, transparent acrylic, polyester, jesemonite, plasma cut metal, acrylics, cord, porcelain and corn fibre.

Participating artists: Anni Puolakka & Miša Skalskis, Erik Thörnqvist, Malin Arnell & Mario Fjell, Jonna Mayer. With an online work by Jari Kallio. Curated & organized by Essi Vesala.

Hyper-terrestrial is an inquiry into the materialities of the land and the porosity of our being.

The forest can be seen as a place for extraction, exploitation and resources, as means to reach our techno-utopias. At the same time, it can be thought as a place of emancipation, of coexisting without borders between our bodies.

We’re indulged in science fiction, not realizing, it’s already real. What is fiction, is life, what is virtual, might as well be here. As the snail leaves slimy trails, we can see from where we came from, but we often forget.

The vibration of the mud, the forest and the wetland surround us. Movements and materials, all become together as we go deeper in the woods. Rigid structures render blurry, no one restricts our movement or behaviour. We can create becomings, togetherness, through our bodies that connect with other bodies, like a rhizome that has no beginning nor an end. Knowledge can be felt and shared, together with the forest.

Feel the forest, the lichen, the slime mold, the mushroom and the pine.

Curated & organized by Essi Vesala
Graphic Design by Lars Høie
Documentation photo by Jari Kallio

This project is part of a degree project within Curating Art, International Master’s Programme at Stockholm University.

The project is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation.

In the show, a text was handed out using the typeface Zorn  created by Laura  Csosán, also used as a booklet spread which is used as the header image.