The suggestive body looks at the body and physicality from an experience-based perspective and from personal lived reality. The exhibition takes embodiment as a doorway to issues and proposals relating to interactions and situations that a body can be exposed to. Both the body’s inner physiological composition and the social, economic, and political impact of humans is portrayed in the exhibition’s works, which also explore several phenomena in science fiction, mysticism, colonialism and intimacy, together with performance-based narrative approaches and extra-human organisms.

In The suggestive body, artists contribute their excerpts from different kinds of existential being and present the body’s physical conditions and their own lived bodily experiences. This concrete artistic agency illustrates our facetted understanding of the world we exist in and – through our relationship to other bodies – our awareness of the limitations we must negotiate physically.

The exhibition illustrates how our existence is hanging by a fragile thread, and links various social and ethical issues to a multi-layered debate on the times we are living in today. The suggestive body thus offers a portrayed observation with the intention of revealing our imprint on the greater social body.

The exhibition is curated by Hampus Bergander, Konstmuseet i Norr.

Cartesian Jumper (2022)

Stainless steel, galvanized steel, scaffolding joints, nature plaster, concrete
3,6m x 3,2m x 2,6m

Participating artists:
A K Dolven (NO), Erik Thörnqvist (SWE), Anni Puolakka (FI) & Erika Roux (FR/NL), Linda Morell (SWE), Matti Sumari (FI/SWE).

Photo: Girdit